Guidelines on How You Can Be the Best Mother to Your Child.

When you have kids to raise and take care of, it is not an easy task. Being a mom in current time has become challenging because mothers are working, and they have to balance between being the best moms and work. It comes naturally for mothers to want to protect and give the best care to their children, but even though moms will always feel proud in the fact that they can multitask, one feels like there is not enough time for them to spend with the child. When you cannot do everything you wish for your child you feel bad.
Follow the given guidelines below if you wish to be a good mom. We are living in an era of social media, and just by checking from the platforms you can feel intimidated by the different post where everyone seems to be a perfect mother and as a good mother what you should do is letting of this guilt and the inner criticism.
Another thing is that you need to take care of yourself.
Ensure that you give your children one-on-one time. If the child is still young, put them in a carrier and go for a walk and this way the kid will feel the connection, pressed on your chest, then as you take a walk, talk to them about the things you are observing outside, and this creates a strong bond.
When you baby starts to through tantrums and roll on the ground screaming be calm there is no need to react as this will only escalate their reaction. One of the main advice as a mother is to be calm, just because your child is crying, screaming or whining this does not mean that you have to go to their level.
Every mom has a way that they communicate with their children. Kids understand and therefore whatever you tell them they will understand. If your kid had a bad day in school talk about it before they go to bed so that they can learn and understand that some of these challenges are part of life.
Being a good mom takes time and dedication, and therefore you should not be too hard to yourself. If you are not a good mom, learn how to be one. Each day of raising your kids will be different, take one day at a time as they come.